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A walk with prehistorian David Dunkin, visiting some local prehistoric sights around Church Hill, Findon

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How to act on illicit metal detecting

We are all very disturbed to hear the news that protected archaeological sites are still at risk from metal detectorists.

For those that haven't heard, Sussex police are investigating damage to Cissbury Ring, the ancient hill-fort on the South Downs near Worthing.

Disturbance to the ground suggests digging for items following illicit use of metal detectors.

If you suspect that illicit metal detecting is going on in your area or you would simply like to check that the landowner has given permission, contact 101 and say you want to report ‘illicit metal detecting’ and state “for the attention of Daryl Holter, Heritage Crime Officer” (Sussex).

Please see a Special Notice on Heritage Awareness on the Other Links page

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