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18 August – 1 September

Horsham Library display

We are putting our annual HDAG display in Horsham Library in August. The theme is ‘Archaeology isn’t just digging’.

Committee member Elvin has volunteered to collate the images and text. Any one interested in helping to put up the display in the library on Saturday 18th August and/or take down the display on Saturday 1st September, should contact HDAG by email or phone asap. Do go along and take a look: all constructive feedback is welcome.

Wednesday, 12 September

The Construction of a Neolithic World on Orkney  — a talk by Jane Russell

7.00pm for 7.30pm Brighton Rd Baptist Church, Horsham RH13 5BD

There are almost seventy islands in the Orkney archipelago, mostly formed by rocks of the Middle Old Red Sandstone.  This stone splits easily along clear bedding planes and presents little difficulty in quarrying, and has been used for building purposes for the last 6,000 years on the islands, and also helped in the preservation the archaeology. The talk will discuss monuments of the Neolithic period, looking at the development of the various chambered tombs, domestic settlements, and the ceremonial heartland of Orkney, including excavations at the Ness of Brodgar’

Saturday, 13 October

A Lewes Wide Tour with archaeologist 

Simon Stevens

More details to be announced.

Tuesday, 24 October

An illustrated talk by Janet Pennington on ‘My Archaeology Childhood

Venue: Beeson House, 26 Fairbank Rd, Southwater,

Horsham RH13 9LA

Janet’s father was Archaeologist Eric Holden who contributed many articles in the Sussex Archaeological Collections (SAC) on digs that he was involved with.

November  – To Be Announced

Saturday, 1 December

Worthing Museum trip

This begins with lunch at St Paul's Cafe, followed by a visit to the Museum including a look at finds not on display. S. E. Winbolt (1868-1944) gave a number of interesting archaeology finds to Worthing Museum.

January — date and venue to be confirmed

Memebers-only meeting

An update on the year's fieldwork and progress with finds processing, identification and reports

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Medieval Towns – A dayschool with Simon Stevens 

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Summer Digging
See the events page for the latest summer courses and digging opportunities in Sussex and Surrey


How to act on illicit metal detecting

We are all very disturbed to hear the news that protected archaeological sites are still at risk from metal detectorists.

For those that haven't heard, Sussex police are investigating damage to Cissbury Ring, the ancient hill-fort on the South Downs near Worthing.

Disturbance to the ground suggests digging for items following illicit use of metal detectors.

If you suspect that illicit metal detecting is going on in your area or you would simply like to check that the landowner has given permission, contact 101 and say you want to report ‘illicit metal detecting’ and state “for the attention of Daryl Holter, Heritage Crime Officer” (Sussex).

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