2019 HDAG events

A Sunday  in September - Date to be confirmed

A walk around medieval Lewes with Simon Stevens, BA, MCIfA, Senior Archaeologist with Archaeology South-East, a division of UCL.

Taking in the sites of the castle, a friary, a disappeared medieval street, the town wall and an Anglo-Saxon town ditch, the walk culminates in a tour of the upstanding remains of the town's Cluniac Priory.

Full details to come

Date to be confirmed

Iron ore extraction pits and their links to the Wealden iron industry

A talk by Simon Stevens BA, MCIfA, Senior Archaeologist with Archaeology South-East, a division of UCL This talk will include details of a past work with an experimental furnace.

Full details to come

7:30pm Wednesday 23 October

'The Findspots of Bronze Age Metalwork in Lowland England: A New Field Study' A talk by Dr David Dunkin

This talk will place the Sussex evidence in a regional context and will consider where in the landscape the metalwork was buried, and whether the emerging patterns can help us to speculate why this was happening.

Full details to come

7:30pm Wednesday 13 November

Emperor Septimius Severan and his campaigns in Scotland

a talk by Dr Simon Elliott

The author of the award-winning book – Sea Eagles of Empire: the Classis Britanica and the battles for Britain – will talk about Emperor Septimius Severan who came to Britain around 208 AD and campaigned in Scotland before dying in York in 211 AD.

Full details to come

Events organised by other societies


Bridge Farm Excavations 3rd June to 14th July 2019

There will be archaeological training sessions,a nd rooms for volunteers. If you would like details about the dig and a flyer, do let me know, or you can contact them direct at [email protected].



Saturday 8th June, 10am-12.30pm.
Tutor: Dr David Rudling FSA.
This Rottingdean Whiteway Centre morning day school, which is jointly organised with the Sussex School of Archaeology, will outline the history of the Roman Army in Northern Britain, starting with the campaigns of Agricola and then concentrating upon the two famous frontier walls built by the Romans under the emperors Hadrian and Antoninus Pius respectively. This event will help prepare those who are planning to visit either of the two walls or other northern Roman military sites such as Vindolanda. It is also preparation for an Archaeology Tour to the region from 12th -19th June  2020 (see separate entry). Attendance fee: £12.
Venue: The Rottingdean Whiteway Centre, Whiteway Lane, Rottingdean, BN2 7HB
This event must be booked in advance; to enquire further and/or book a place, please email [email protected] or phone 07913 753 493.

Future field work opportunities

HDAG has various activities planned in 2019 and volunteers are welcome —  just email and let us know which activities you are interested in.

Rackham woods
The RSPB has been clearing shrubby birch encroaching on Bronze Age barrows in Rackham Woods. Last year we helped with this work and we plan to go back and help again. New dates will be posted as soon as we have them

Henfield area excavation

IWe hope to investigate the course of a Roman road by digging a couple of trenches in a field near Henfield, West Sussex. We will also carry out geophys surveys. No experience required. This dig will offer a chance to learn the basics. Places may be limited so please register your interest.